These are one-of-kind handcrafted interior wall tiles made at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts located in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC.  Stylistically ideal for both restaurants and homes. Whether on your fireplace, or in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, every wall will come alive with the installation of this beautiful tile. It can be arranged in many different patterns by simply changing the orientation or colors. Because Sisyphus tiles are handmade and fired in small batches there will be some shade and size variances and not all the tiles will be perfectly flat. When added together these tiles create a truly unique look and feel.


Sisyphus Tiles are $20 per square foot.


Shipping cost will be calculated at the time of purchase and rates will vary depending on destination. 


River Arts District - Where inspiration flows

Odyssey Ceramics - Home of Sisyphus Tiles

Truly Mad Plastics - Source for custom cutters used to produce Sisyphus Tiles

Highwater Clays - source of clay

Foam and Fabric Outlet - source for vinyl used to create texture on tiles

Amaco Glazes - source for glazes

Skutt Kiln - Manufacturer of kiln used in Sisyphus tile production

Sisyphus Mag -  A focus on contemporary issues surrounding art, culture, and language.